Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ghosts of Summer

Dark Shadows Intro//Gerhard Heinz - Bungalow 13//Orville Stoeber & Walter Sear - Voices//Andrzej Korzynski - The Night The Screaming Stops (opening titles)//The Soft Moon - Die Life//Thee Oh Sees - Contraption/Soul Desert//Goblin - Tenebre (Extended Version)//Lana Del Rey - Gods And Monsters/Maurizio Vandelli - Senza Senso//Farah - Dancing Girls//Philippe D'Aram - Apparation du Château//Disasterpeace - Heels//Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme//Gillian Hillis - Zou bisou bizou//The Robert Cobert Orchestra - Dark Shadows Theme//Maurizio Vandelli - Inseguimento//Charles Manson and the Family - Ride Away//Let's Scare Jessica To Death Excerpt 1//Goblin - The Wind (Film Version Suite 1)//Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave//William S. Burroughs - Seven Souls//Wire - On Returning//Barbara McNair - Venus In Furs//Angelo Badalamenti - The Pink Room//Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin//Emily's Musings (Let's Scare Jessica To Death)//Goblin - Sighs//The Chymes - He's Not There Anymore//Angelo Badalamenti - Laura Palmer's Theme//Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve Variation//Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love//Ruth White - Lovers Wine//Messiah of Evil Excerpt 1//Bernard Herrmann -The Curtain(Twilight Zone)//The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking in the Sand)//Bernard Herrmann - Prelude and Rooftop(Vertigo)//John Williams - The Long Goodbye (Vocal)//Crispin Glover - Never Say Never to Always//Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses//Ty Segall - Ghost//Let's Scare Jessica To Death Excerpt 2//Nü Sensae - Orange Roses//The Seeds -Can't Seem to Make You Mine//The Ballroom - Baby Please Don't Go//The Beach Boys - I Know There's an Answer//Pierre Raph - Crimson Gates//Messiah of Evil Experpt 2//Pete Swanson - Grounds For Arrest//Andrzej Korzynski - Bloody Embrace//The Spits - Hit The Dead (Spasmodic Caress cover)//The Black Angels - 18 Years//The Bee Gees - Spicks And Specks//Messiah of Evil Excerpt 3//Gerhard Heinz - Der Traum - Zweite Phase//The Cake - Under the Tree of Love and Laughter//Spell - Seasons in the Sun//Ruth White - The Irremediable//The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde - Josette's Music Box(Dark Shadows)//The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Going On//Kathe Green - Die Screaming Marianne Part 1//Andrzej Korzynski - Mark Sees Everything//Ash Ra Tempel - Le Diable dans la Mais//Messiah of Evil Excerpt 4//Buddy Holly & The Crickets -  Everyday//Let's Scare Jessica To Death Excerpt//France Gall - Avant La Bagarre//Bruno Nicolai - Eugenie Theme//Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right//Night Tide Excerpt//Prince Rama - Summer Of Love//Carl & The Passions Radio Promo(Beach Boys)//Disasterpeace - Playpen//Signs and Warnings(Let's Scare Jessica To Death)//Wendy and Bonnie - Let Yourself Go Another Time//Tragic Ceremony Organ Music//The Velvet Underground - Stephanie Says//Gerhard Heinz - Lolita und der Teddybaer//Andrzej Korzynski - Meeting With a Pink Tie//They're Coming For You Barbara(Night of the Living Dead)//Maurizio Vandelli - Incubo//Fielded - Chapel of Lies//Harpers Bizarre - Come To The Sunshine//Kathe Green - Dies Screaming Marrianne Part 2//Amen Dunes - Lonely Richard//Nü Sensae - Say What You Are//WKRP Funeral Jingle//Goblin - Witch//Lady June - Everythingsnothing (J-voc  K-bowed bass synth,odds and ends)//The Zombies - Is This The Dream//Beat Detectives - Universal Consciousness//Beat Detectives - Universal Consciousness//Angelo Badalamenti - The Voice Of Love//The Carpenters - Superstar//The Spits - Electric Brain//Manfred Hubler & Sigfried Schwab - There Is No Satisfaction//Jay Reatard - It's So Useless//Thee Oh Sees - The Dream//Bizarre Cult 2(Fascination)//Pat Shannon - Candy Apple, Cotton Candy//Angelo Badalamenti - Love Theme Farewell//Bernard Herrmann - Farewell(Twilight Zone)//Orville Stoeber - End Credits(Let's Scare Jessica To Death)//Jack Sheldon - The Long Goodbye

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